General Information about APANA®

(Last updated - 07 May 2017)
Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.
ARBN 081 355 722

What is APANA®?

APANA is the Australian Public Access Network Association Incorporated, a not-for-profit on-line computer networking organisation incorporated in the State of Victoria as A0026600C and ARBN 081 355 722.  It is a not-for-profit hobby group that encourages knowledge, skills and self-learning about computers and computer networking by its users. APANA is not an ISP. It does not (generally) provide Internet access. Instead, it provides infrastructure and facilities to enable members to design, implement and operate computer networks that are significantly more complex than typical home networks, thereby learning and enhancing their skills. It is restricted to non-profit and non-commercial purposes. It was founded in 1992 by Mark Gregson, and is the successor to PubNet, a similar organisation.

What are its functions?

APANA functions as a number of semi-autonomous regions, and the facilities offered by those regions vary. However they all have an emphasis on self learning and experimentation. More information is available in the FAQ.

How does APANA® work?

APANA is run by its members. Those who contribute to the operation of APANA are volunteers. No one is paid for their work. The governing body is the Management Committee (MC). It consists of the Officers of APANA - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer plus regional representatives. As well there are many other APANA members who assist in the day-to-day running of the organisation and its facilities. The Officers are elected at APANA's Annual General Meeting. The Regional Representatives are elected by the Regions, usually annually.

Technical Environment

APANA is unique in that it provides a flexible learning environment for self tuition. Members can operate practically any protocol, operating system, or brand of equipment they wish. Often, if we do not already support your choice, it will be up to you to implement it! But that is the advantage APANA offers. As long as it doesn't adversely impact other members (and complies with the Acceptable Use Policy), we will endeavour to facilitate it for you. So you can run the latest experimental technology, or an old historic technology, or anything in between! The facilities we do offer already tend to be more flexible and more permissive than similar commercial offerings, to encourage experimentation and learning. We also have active discussion groups for technical support and assistance (but we do NOT offer a telephone Help Desk!)

There is a clear distinction between cost recovery and profit; neither APANA nor its members operate for profit.

Actually Joining! - or, how to contact APANA®

If you would like to avail yourself of any of APANA's services, please get in touch with the National Contact or the closest Regional Contact, or mail APANA. All publicly available contact information is available in the contacts document. In all cases please include a daytime contact phone number.

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