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Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.
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APANA® aims to provide all its members with the type of service they require for their needs.

In addition, we are always wanting to hear from people regarding the quality of our services provided to both members and the general public.

If you have any comments about our site or APANA in general please reply to any of the following people:

  1. President for all matters in general.
  2. Secretary for all correspondence and matters related to administration and establishment of new regions of APANA.
  3. Treasurer for all financial matters.
  4. Membership Secretary for all matters pertaining to membership.
  5. Public Officer for matters pertaining to APANA's registration as an association.
  6. Abuse for all complaints about conduct of members or individual sites.
  7. Hostmaster for all matters relating to DNS administration.
  8. Newsmaster for all matters relating to newsgroup operations.
  9. Postmaster for all correspondence regarding E-mail addresses.
  10. Webmaster for any comments upons or criticisms of this site.
  11. Regional Contacts for anything to do with a particular region ONLY.

  12. Postal Address -

        APANA Inc.
        P.O. Box 245
        Doncaster Vic 3108

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