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(Last updated - 1 October 1998)
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A number of members are involved in APANA's national intranet. Machines on this network are linked using SLIP (Serial Link Internet Protocol) and PPP (Point-Point Protocol) running over V.32bis or faster modems (some people are also happily using V.22bis modems) and the occasional ISDN TA. Modems can be connected using leased lines or permanent calls on regular lines. There are currently APANA Intranets(tm) in Adelaide Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Wollongong, Perth and Sydney, all of which are linked into the worldwide Internet.

You can also arrange to do (relatively) short duration dialup SLIP or PPP as an alternative to text-based access to the Internet via the various APANA(tm) public-access sites. This allows you to access multimedia Internet information systems such as the WorldWideWeb much more effectively, without having to go to the expense of setting up a permanent link.

Why bother?

'cos it's fun! Members of the APANA Intranet(tm) have access to the wealth of services available on the global Internet. It's a much faster, more interactive way of keeping in touch with the APANA community, and the wider Internet than, for instance, UUCP.

Joining in

To join our net you need to be an APANA member - this is easily arranged. Due to APANA's non-commerical orientation and network Acceptable Use Policy we cannot accept nodes run on a commercial basis. Get in touch with your regional contact to arrange the specific connection details.

Arranging your link

You need to arrange (and pay for!) a telecom line and modem at your end of your link into the network and at least for a modem at the hub's end of the network. Most regions now organise the phone line into the hub for you and payment for it is included in your membership/connection fees. V.FC (28800 bps) modems or faster are recommended. If you're particularly affluent, an "On Ramp" connection is still clearly the way to go.  Until such times as the existing telephones lines are upgraded, the use of 56Kpbs modems has no real benefits.

Talking Internet Protocol

Other than modems and phone lines, you simply need an IP-capable computer. You can do SLIP/PPP directly from a UNIX box or set up a router to do SLIP/PPP and talk to your host over ethernet. The latter is the approach taken by all current members of the APANA Internet(tm). To build a router you simply need any old 286 PC with a floppy drive, a $15 serial board and an SMC (or WD) ethernet board. The pc-route software is freely available - we can provide this. Using a separate router is the preferred approach if you intend to have more than one SLIP/PPP link.

Making your machine net-friendly

Once you have the basics up and running, you should try to setup your machine as described in the APANA Internet host guidelines document. People involved with setting up regional APANA networks(tm) should also become familiar with our subnetting guidelines.
Andrew Herbert, with additions by Garry Ford

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